Four Ways To Stay On Track With Your Nutrition While Enjoying Summer Fun 

Summer is here–and for many of us, that means it’s time to party! While food is a normal, healthy, and fun part of hanging out with friends and family in the summer, you’ll want to be sure that you work to keep yourself on track while you’re partying. Here, we’ve put together some tips on how you can keep your nutrition on point (for the most part) while still enjoying the most delicious parts of the summer season.

Don’t Eat Two Bad Meals in a Row

When you eat one bad meal, it’s easy to slide right into the next one–and the next one after that. Make a point to never eat two bad meals in a row. This means if you have an off-plan dinner, you dive right back in with your normal breakfast the following day. This can help break up the temptation to constantly “start over on Monday” instead of sticking to your nutrition plan.

Lay Off The Snacks

Mindless munching can take over at summer parties and BBQs. Stick to only eating at scheduled meal times. If you’re legitimately hungry between meals, eat fruit or veggies (and be sure to hydrate) to tide you over until it’s time to eat again. During meals, make sure you’re loading up on plenty of fiber-heavy produce to help you stay satisfied until it’s time to eat again. If you find that you’re struggling to make it from meal to meal, be sure that you’re eating enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–it’s ok to have a double portion of nutrient-dense food if it keeps you from overdoing it between meals.

When It’s Time To Enjoy Food, Enjoy It – No Guilt Necessary

When you’re focused on your health and fitness, it’s normal to feel some guilt when you go off-plan. The good news: enjoying good food is a part of life, and there’s no reason to feel guilty about enjoying a slice of cake or going out to eat with friends once in a while. When you enjoy off-plan food, simply enjoy it. There’s no need to restrict your food later in the day, try to burn off every calorie in the gym or swear that you’ll never go off-plan again. Enjoy your food, enjoy the company, and move on.

Stay Extra-Committed To Your Workout Routine

There’s no need to go crazy and do extra workout sessions when you’re enjoying summer parties and cookouts, but you’ll want to be sure that you stick to your regular workout routine as much as possible. Summer schedule changes may require that you shift your normal afternoon workout to the morning, or that you double up one day if you won’t get to work out the next. If you need to move around your gym sessions, chat with your trainer about the best way to set up your week so you can maximize the results of your hard work.

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