Figuring Your Calories and Macros

First, I want to EMPHASIZE that you should put all your focus on hitting your macronutrients, not calories. Calories are made up of the nutrients; protein, carbs and fats. So, if you are hitting your daily nutrient goals, your calories will be right as well. 

Protein = 4 calories per gram

Carbohydrate = 4 calories per gram

Fat = 9 calories per gram 

Figuring Calories

Use the macronutrient calculator to figure your calories. If you feel like your calories are higher or lower than expected, trust the process and follow along. 

Every two weeks, you will input your data again in the calculator to make necessary changes that come along with making progress. 

Activity level, and how to choose appropriately. 

Use the examples below to figure your personal acting level. 

If you sit at a desk job all day, get less than 7k steps a day and workout a few times a week, you would be —

If you are on your feet most of the day with your job, get 8-10k steps a day and you workout a few times a week, you would be—-

If you have a physically demanding job, get 10k plus steps a day and you workout a few times a week, you would be —–

Figuring Macro Nutrients

Using the calculator to input your calories and personal info, the calculator will provide you with how many grams of protein, carb and fats you should aim to eat daily. 

You may find eating more whole foods fills you up quicker and you stay full longer. This is exactly what you want. The longer you continue to eat more whole foods than other types of foods, your energy, hunger, digestion and mood will increase or improve. Again, all good things! 

Use the Eating and Nutrition Plan Download to help you understand what foods contain good sources of protein, fats and carbs so that you can meal plan and work towards understanding and hitting your daily goals. Pages 18-23 will be very helpful.