Your 90 Day
Fat Loss Plan

Your 90 Day
Health Transformation

A comprehensive, 12 week women’s fat loss program designed to help YOU get back to YOU.

Join me on this incredibly effective journey where I will teach you how to finally lose that stubborn body fat, improve energy, sleep, libido and your zest for life.

Prep Week Begins September 10

12 Weeks Can Change Your Life!

What's included in the program:

  • Easy access to my team for questions, support, education and accountability
  • Custom calculated macros and calories
  • 12 weeks of meal plans, recipes and grocery shopping lists to help you create meals that are delicious and help you reach your goals
  • Over 150 virtual workouts that can be done at home or gym to make getting activity easy
  • Weekly community calls to discuss weekly topics and to know that you are not alone on this journey
  • A healthier, more energized you!

The Back To Basics program was exactly what I needed. It showed me that my weight and overall health is a product of so many elements—my hormones, which have been controlling so much more than I knew, my digestion, my sleep hygiene, and of course how I feed my body and care for it through intentional exercise and movement. Back to Basics is a wellness program designed for women to feel and live their best lives, with a side effect of weight loss. But I love that it’s not a diet program, but a program that has taught me that once I get all of those elements working together correctly, one step at a time, that my body will eventually get to the weight it needs to be.

– Meredith 

I am a menopausal woman that joined Cynthia’s Group Coaching program. Cynthia created a (communication) group for us on telegram, and we were able to chat, ask questions, and access her and other people on the journey. That group enabled us to get more information as we needed it. The information that Cynthia shared with us beyond just a weight loss program, was invaluable information about gut health, supplements, exercise, sneaking in extra steps in our day, and adjusting our mindset.  This program goes beyond just weight loss. It’s such a full range of well-being for our bodies. I highly recommend any program of Cynthia’s to get you to your health goals.

– Christina W.

Back to Basics is a 12-week program to reset your body and mind. Each week builds on the next, slowly increasing your habits and reinforcing the last. Some weeks are for reflection and to step back and see your progress before you step up to the next learning week. B2B made me realize I needed to drink so much more water, look a little more closely at my bloodwork and ask questions, and to move more during the day (not just my normal exercise). Cynthia gave quick feedback and responses. This is a great program to take charge of your health (and sleep, hormones, exercise, and movement).

– Becca

Prep Week Begins September 10

This life changing program is for you if:

  • You have gained weight and /or you have trouble losing weight and don’t understand why
  • Your sleep is off. You have trouble falling or staying asleep. Or if you do sleep, you still wake up tired.
  • You experience IBS, indigestion, acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, think you have SIBO or gut dysbiosis
  • You are tired all the time or even just flat out exhausted
  • You are anxious or depressed, find yourself easily irritated or down, suffer from brain fog
  • You have been diagnosed hypothyroid, Hashimotos, or have elevated thyroid antibodies
  • You have issues with fertility, been diagnosed PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, struggle with hormonal imbalances
  • Suffer from joint pain, body aches
  • Your mood is low. You want to feel better, more happy and you don’t know why you’re not
  • Your libido is low. You’re exhausted and have no time or desire to think about it.
  • Your cycles are heavy, irregular, painful, suffer from PMS

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9 Life ChangingThings You Will Learn

  • The powerful connection between poor sleep, chronic stress and gut troubles to hormonal imbalances and unwanted weight gain
  • How to figure your calories and nutrients for fat loss
  • How to build a meal plan to learn what foods and how much to eat to reach your goals
  • How the gut health and hormone connection affects so many women and how to start healing to promote weight loss
  • How the foods we eat affects our sleep, gut, thyroid hormone health, ability to manage stress, our mood and energy levels
  • How to reduce chronic stress and the fatigue
  • The difference between getting in daily activity and exercise, and which is best for fat loss
  • How to understand your bloodwork, what optimal levels of sex hormones, thyroid values and more should be for sustained weight loss
  • About supplements, which ones to take to improve your symptoms, energy, aid in fat loss and to help start feeling better

Program FAQs

No. This is done completely on a voluntary basis and only if you are comfortable sharing.
Nope! You do not need social media to participate in this group. We do use an app called Telegram to communicate during the program. Again, it is not required but it is very beneficial as others share recipes and tips that work for them.
Nothing is required in this program. You can do as much or as little of the weekly lessons you like. But, the more you participate the better your results will be.
This is a group coached program. The coaches use the community group chat on Telegram app A LOT to help members be successful. The coaches post and answer questions most days of the week, during business hours. Coaches will review nutrition etc as well inside the community group. We also have weekly community group calls on Monday nights that offer a lot of guidance and support.
In the program is a custom designed nutrition calculator that will create a custom plan for you based off several factors you will provide. There is also several 12 week meal plans and recipes to help you with creating meals you enjoy.
This is a 90 day transformation program that will educate, inspire, motivate and promote healthier, sustainable habits, mindset and lifestyle. Each week is a new “lesson” so that the information in the program is easily able to be processed and digested in small bite size nuggets . Each week will build upon the week prior and some week are reviews, that allow to step back so you can step up the next week
The program comes with numerous options for exercise that can be done at home or a gym. You can also continue with any exercise you are already doing and enjoy. The program will teach how to program exercise, activity and food to reach your goals.
One of the week’s lessons is learning all about bloodwork so that you can understand what it all means when you go to the doctors, and be your own health advocate. Learn what questions to ask and make educated decisions about your health.

This program covers everything from:

  • how to figure your calories/nutrients
  • understanding your thyroid, symptoms and signs
  • gut health, signs, symptoms
  • what supplements to take, sign and symptoms of deficiency
  • understanding bloodwork
  • the importance of activity vs exercise, how to program it
  • so so so much more!!

Prep Week Begins Septemer 10

The Back to Basics program is $129 and includes a three (3) month Core Membership. When you Sign Up, you will be charted a total of $188 (program fee + $59 for the first month of Core).  You will be billed for your monthly Core Membership payment in month 2 and 3 of the program.

You are NOT OBLIGATED to continue with your CORE Membership after the 12 week Back to Basics Group Coaching program concludes  and may cancel it at any time with 30 days notice.. If you do not want to continue with it at the conclusion of the group coaching program, let me know and I will cancel it for you. 

Course materials are made available immediately at sign up, so there will be no refunds of the Back to Basics program fee. If you have any questions about the program, please ask prior to signing up.

Your health is your most valuable asset and worth investing in.

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