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Inspiring Lives Magazine

“Dealing with painful or irregular cycles can be both mentally and physically exhausting. You are frustrated and just want an answer and a solution. Unfortunately, one of the most common solutions offered is birth control.

Birth control is used to stop your cycle and ovulation; therefore, helping to ease the symptoms associated with it monthly. The problem with this is that birth control is a temporary band-aid used to cover the root causes of the symptoms.”

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Matrix Green Pill Podcast

In this episode, Cynthia talks about her business and how she helps women with hormone and gut health while achieving weight loss, and the negative impacts of overexercising.

She also addresses the myths and misconceptions about dieting and exercising. And finally, she shares her tips to help women achieve their body goals.

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Life in Orbit Podcast

Guest star and health coach Cynthia Williams joins the podcast to share her knowledge, wisdom and advice when it comes to moving our bodies every day. In this episode we highlight the Celebration category of our orbit and how we really can make small daily movements throughout our day that compound into a healthy lifestyle. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed interviewing this new guest!

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