Should you do a Reverse Diet or Calorie Restriction?

You should do a reverse diet if you meet 2 or more of the following:

  1. Have attempted 2 or more fad/crash/or extreme measures to weight in the last year. 
  2. If typically you eat low calorie (under 1600 calories) during the week and Friday-Sunday you splurge, drink more than 2 alcohol drinks, eat meals at restaurants more than at home 
  3. Exercise more than 5 times a week, or excessive exercise to overcorrect for nutrition 
  4. Only do hiit workouts 
  5. Only do Endurance/cardio workouts 
  6. Don’t exercise at all 
  7. Have a restrict/binge relationship with food (be honest with yourself) 
  8. Under eat daily, eat less than 1400- 1500 every day 
  9. Avoid social situations because of food 
  10. Have eliminated one food group (i.e. carbs, protein or fats) in fear of it causing weight gain 
  11. Have leaky gut, IBS, PCOS, Hashimotos, hormonal down regulation, hypo or hyperthyroidism or any other metabolic condition 
  12. Doing all the things you’ve done in the past to lose weight and it’s not working

You should do a calorie deficit if you meet 2 or more of the following:

  1. Eat high calorie (females over 2200 calories/ males over 3200 calories) more days than not. 
  2. Drink alcohol excessively, which contribute to calorie consumption surplus 
  3. Don’t exercise 
  4. Exercise, but at a exertion level of 3-4 out of 10
  5. Drink less than 50oz water a day 
  6. Have blood work that shows cardiac, insulin or other metabolic conditions may exist or already do 
  7. Weight is causing issues with quality of life. Can’t ride rides at amusement parks, airplanes, can’t keep up with kids etc. 
  8. Fasted blood glucose is 100 or higher 
  9. Fasted insulin is 6 or higher

Whether you do a reverse or a calorie deficit, the goal is the same at the end for both. Get to maintenance calories without gaining weight and sustaining current weight. Complete your reverse or deficit, then follow the guidelines for maintenance.

For those who complete a reverse diet first, your next step will be to complete a calorie deficit. 

If you complete a calorie deficit first, next you will hold maintenance for 30 days. Then you can complete another deficit if you choose.

Next Steps

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