Chronically High Insulin

Chronically high insulin levels damage the brain, heart, kidneys, and every organ and blood vessel. 

I HIGHLY encourage you to ask for your insulin levels checked at your next annual doctor visit. Your Dr typically will only look at your fasting glucose and/or A1C. This only gives a brief indication of what may be going on. 

You can present with normal glucose levels and have sky-high insulin levels. This means the pancreas works extremely hard to keep your glucose levels normal. They can only do this for so long before your cells become insulin resistant and you are slapped with a diabetic diagnosis… which surprises you because you had “normal” glucose. 

Checking glucose only is not health care or prevention. It is sick care, and the medical system saying, “Come back when you have diabetes, and we will then treat you.” 

Be an advocate for yourself. Demand more thorough testing. 

I address this in my coaching, group, or 1:1. I will help you understand bloodwork and how to take your health into your own hands to increase your health span.