Exercise Demonstrations

Squats in Split Squat
Split Squats
What is Tempo?
Hack Squat
Hip Thrust
Assisted Chin Up & 3 Grip Pullups
Shoulder Press
Chest Press
Cable Row to Squat
Cable Hip Hinges
Cable Tricep Pulls
Cable Face Pulls
Smith Machine Incline/Flat Bench Press
Smith Machine RDL/Hip Hinge
Cable Lat Pull, 3 Grips
What is 1.5?
Smith Machine Lunges
Smith Machine Squats
Leg Extension
High Row Machine
Russian Twists
Sticky Squats
Deficit Reverse Lunges
Bowtie Squat Knee Taps
What Is Tempo
Walking Lunges
Banded Squat Jacks
1/2 Kneel Step Ups
Narrow Bowtie Squats
Heel Elevated Squats
Prisoner Get Ups
Carry Squats
Plank Hip Rolls and Knee Taps
Lunge Squat Jumps
Calf Raises
3/4 Goblet Squats
Super X Abs and X Abs
Push Press
Pushup To Snatch
Curl OHP
Weighted Sit ups
Band Bentover Rows
Hand Release Pushups
Lateral Raises
Upright Row
Alt/Seasaw Bentover Row
Jump Press
Narrow Press
Chest Fly
Around the World ATW
Poliquin Lat Delts
Seated Alternating OHP: over head press
RDL/Hip Hinge To Reverse Lunge
Seated Banded Abductors
DB Deadlift
Step Ups
Hip Hinges or RDL
Lunges: Forward, Reverse, and Lateral
Squats: Goblet, Bowtie, and Carry
Lower Body Warmup
Poliquin Lateral Delt Raise
Lateral Raise
Tricep Dip
Lat Pullover
Reverse Fly
Bent Over Row
Transition Raise
Bench Press or Dumbbell Press
Front Raise
DB Chest Fly
Floor Press
Military Pushups
Upper Body Press Variations