Late Night Snacking

Eating late in the evening has become a habit and a behavior, whether from boredom, anxiety, sadness, etc. 

To change this pattern, a few things need to happen:

1.  Make sure you are eating plenty of calories during the day.  Eat a solid breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Focusing on getting 30g of protein and 5-10g of fiber at each meal. When you feel full, this can help curb those cravings in the evening. 

2. Make snacking hard and unsatisfying or unattractive. 1st, stop buying the foods you tend to munch on at night. 2nd, if that is not an option because others in your home eat these snacks, place them in an “out of sight” place so that you purposely have to seek them out. 3rd, make snacking unattractive. An example would be placing a note or picture to remind you of your new goal in the place you keep your snacks so that you see it as soon as you go for those snacks. 

These tips create small walls you must hurdle to complete the late-night snacking. More times you have to think about your actions before you follow through. 

3. Redirect. Create a new habit stack. An example would be saying to yourself, before I eat my snacks I must clean my bathroom, wash the dishes, do laundry, etc. The goal is to do an activity that isn’t your favorite before you can have any snacks. The hope is that this helps make the late-night snacking unappealing. 

Let me know if you found these tops helpful ❤️ These are topics we address in my group or 1:1 coaching.