Signs of Binging and Overeating

The key to stopping these patterns is identifying them when they are happening and trying to decipher why you are having the feelings. Was it a shitty day at work, did the kids upset you or are you and your spouse fighting. None of these issues can be solved by eating food. You must address the feelings and face them head-on to break the patterns. 

Tired of Thinking

You have made enough decisions for the day and you do not want to make one more. It is harder to make rational decisions while you’re tired, it takes more effort to stay on track. But we have to identify being tired as an excuse and eating crappy food will only make us more tired. 

Not Eating Nutritious Foods

If you find yourself eating a lot of highly processed, flour and sugar refined foods during the day, this will only make you more hungry as our body processes these foods very fast. This will most likely cause an end the day binge because you are so hungry. Try to incorporate proteins and fats with each meal to help you feel full and give good energy throughout the day. 

Eating Foods You Don’t Like

Don’t sacrifice flavor and variety to eat healthy. If you don’t like kale, don’t eat kale. There are so many options available that are good for us and taste great. Get adventurous and try new things! Don’t eat substitutes for the things you really like. Eat what you like and be more satisfied! 

It is a Habit

Smokers light up a cigarette after they eat when they get in the car. We eat as soon as we walk in the door from work. We head straight for the fridge or pantry, hungry or not. We have an urge. 

We have to deny the urge. We have to change the pattern in which we think and react to triggers. We have to be willing to experience discomfort to change the habit. 

Your Feelings Drive you to Eat, or Not Eat

If you find yourself depressed, ridden with anxiety and unmotivated, food will not change these feelings. You will still have them after you eat. You may even have more anxiety because you are guilt-shaming yourself for the foods you chose to eat. 

Try to be a feeling feeler, not a feeling eater. Sit in your feelings and experience them. Again, we have to be willing to be uncomfortable in order for change to occur. 

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